• Fitur Google Street View, untuk mempermudah Transaksi Hotel di Darmawisata Indonesia.                              Mitra Darmawisata Indonesia, Kami kembali mengingatkan ketentuan reservasi / booking Tiket Lion Air Group dan Tiket Super Air Jet Mitra "WAJIB" memasukan nomer Telepon / Hand Phone dan Email milik Penumpang pada saat reservasi. Selengkapnya Menu "Berita Agen"                               Umroh Mudah Amanah Mustajabah bersama Darmawisata Indonesia Tersedia Beberapa Paket Umroh Info & Pendaftaran Hotline: 031-90204000 ext 1 WA 081234945678                              Saat Ini Kami Tetap Setia Melayani 24 Jam                                Update Jam Offline Bank BNI mulai pukul 21:00 s/d 04:30 WIB                               Transaksi PELNI dan KAI, Mitra/Agen Dilarang Melakukan Mark Up/Menambah Harga Tiket                              All Transaksi Lancar, Tambah Deposit dan Dapatkan Komisi Besar PELNI Rp8.000                                 Kunjungi Menu Berita Agen Dapatkan Update Terbaru Promo dan Informasi Menarik                               Ikuti Instagram, Facebook & Youtube Official Darmawisata Indonesia Dapatkan Informasi Diskon dan Promo Menarik lainya


In this globalization era which the neccesity of using time as efficient as possible because of the limitation of space and time to get the most maximum result, PT. Darmawisata is here and ready to serve the customers pleasurely, one of our commitments is to give the easiest way to do the transaction anywhere, anytime and anywhere it is coming from for all end users without coming out of their house or office, reservation for tickets can be done through SMS, blackberry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Phone and Email also deposit balances system for the Agent (Corporate user). The Payment can be done through cash in Surabaya and Sidoarjo offices or via Internet Banking, M - Banking and ATM.

We will always update the information about tariff discount, bonus, discount and other promotions, therefore the customers can get more affordable special prices.

Take into account the improvement of technologies PT. Darmawisata Tour & Travel gives 24 hours services for the customers, which all of that information can be accessed quickly, accurate and efficient via email service: customer[at]darmawisataindonesia.co.id or our contact person which showed on this website.




  • Gives services as safe and as comfortable as possible to the customers.
  • Serve the customers to the heart content.
  • Gives services Zero Accident.


Notary : Machmud Fauzi,S.H

Date : 03-07-2012

SIUP : 503/02/404.6.2/2013

PT. Darmawisata Indonesia :

Head Director

General Manager


  1. Accounting Manager
  2. Sales & Marketing Manager
  3. Ticketing Manager
  4. Tour Manager
  5. Hotel Manager



Marketing Division

Ticketing Division

Tour Division

Hotel Division

MICE Division

Umroh & Hajj Division

Passport & Visa Division

Transportation Division


Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,
I would like to thank all of the customers, partners and employees of PT. Darmawisata Tour & Travel which have trusted every products and services of PT. DARMAWISATA INDONESIA TOUR & TRAVEL. Pride and salute to all of divisions which have worked hard in marketing the products, hope that every effort blessed by Allah SWT, and once again I would like to thanks a lot.

In a relatively young age all of the programs have been able to continue even though still in the completion stage in every available divisions, with the goals of spreading around throughout the archipelago even abroad. 

With the adequate system and support by professionals in each major, I will be able to give solutions and the best services to all of the customers individually or group.

I wish to all of the teams to always strive and pray also hold on to the commitments to give the best services to the customers so that we can feel the success together as a solid team PT. DARMAWISATA INDONESIA TOUR & TRAVEL.

Wassalammualaikum Wr WB


  • Every transaction handled by professional and experienced staff in area.
  • The enrollment to be an Agent is free of charge (FREE)
  • Every agent gets big enough profit.
  • Without minimum deposit balances, the charging balance is according to the requirement.